Navigating Aged Care. The move to Aged Care is a difficult time for families.  In most cases it’s usually mum who moves into Care and the children or Enduring Powers of Attorney left to work out what’s best for mum.  Besides the emotional difficulties of moving mum out of the family home and into an unknown environment, the government has made a complex web of rules and financial regulations regarding Aged Care.  To make matters worse, mum usually needs care urgently and contracts and financial arrangements need to be made on the spot.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, then please give me a call to discuss your situation and arrange a time to come in for an obligation free appointment.  Having specialised in Aged Care advice for the past 7 years my goal when you call regarding Age Care is to reduce the burden of moving mum into Care and reassure you that I can help navigate the financial Aged Care rules and work out what’s best for mum financially.