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Solace Financial Seminar June 2018 – Craig James

We are pleased to report that our evening seminar with Craig James that was held on June 13 went very well, and we have had very good feedback from those who attended.  This is the 3rd year now that we’ve held this presentation and the response we received from clients who have attended in the past encourages us […]

March Quarter 2015 Review – Colonial First State

The global economy: March quarter 2015 review By Belinda Allen, Senior Analyst, Economic and Market Research Financial markets overview – equities and bonds *All returns and yields are in local currency terms. Summary It was a volatile and eventful first quarter of 2015, driven largely by central bank announcements. The European Central Bank (ECB) embarked […]

Me or my money – who will last longer?

Me or My Money

Me or my money – who will last longer? With the release of the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics Life Expectancy tables this question again becomes highlighted in people’s minds, both in regards to funding retirement personally, or obtaining pension benefits from the Australian Government. Australia is now one of only four countries that have […]

Purchase Property Using Superannuation

The ability for investors to purchase property with their superannuation may be under threat due to the findings of the Murray inquiry last December.  The Murray inquiry stated that “the current ability to borrow directly may, over time, erode this strength (of superannuation) and create new risks to the financial system”.  Currently, by using the […]

Centrelink benefits – Just the Age Pension?

Centrelink benefits – Just the Age Pension? Many clients are aware that the Age Pension can provide a stable portion of an individual or couples retirement income. For some, it becomes the primary source of retirement income. However, to some, more beneficial are the additional benefits that are received as a result of becoming eligible for […]

Understanding Managed Funds

Managed Funds

Managed Funds are professionally managed investment portfolios that individuals can buy into. This can provide an individual with access diversification across different asset classes, companies, industries, sectors and countries in an easy to manage, cost effective manner. Different Managed Funds will focus on different underlying investments allowing us to tailor a portfolio to focus on […]

Making the transition to retirement

Making the transition to retirement. Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategies were designed to assist Australians move into retirement, without fully retiring from the workforce. Helping Australians remain in the workforce for longer, it enables an eligible person to begin drawing a pension from their superannuation assets. This can enable a reduction in work hours, such […]